Music Marketing: The definitive guide of musical marketing to launch your musical project

Definition of Music Marketing

Musical marketing is a set of strategies and studies that aim to improve the overall results of a musical project.

To design a musical marketing plan there are different formulas, although it is true that after the transformation of the music industry due to the technological impact in society, nothing should be done without having in mind the new consumption habits.

The music marketing is today the only vehicle to transport your musical project to the goals marked. I’ve written a lot about musical marketing but this guide will give you a very clear view of where you should go so you don’t waste any more time and start a stage that delivers results.

I would tell you that more than 90% of the musical projects that fail, have done it by not knowing the main “drivers” of the transformation of the current music industry.

What will you contribute to this Music Marketing guide?

  • The step-by-step steps you must run to carry out your music marketing plan.
  • How to meet the environment you are going to face.
  • How to get to know your competitors to draw the right strategy.
  • Steps and tips to create a winning product that moves away from the mediocre.
  • How to carry out a plan of musical promotion with low budget.
  • How to design and structure a landing page to seduce big companies.
  • How to present it to the mass media to make the leap towards the mainstream.

He thinks that the person who consumes music in any country in the world has become highly demanding of more than 30 million of songs in his pocket.

That’s why little of the music marketing techniques that were used about 10 years ago, will serve in the Times that run.

If you really update the concepts to develop a musical product applying an optimal music marketing, you will have gained time and at least you’ll have the clearest horizon although it would be interesting to know some mistakes that are usually committed with a Music marketing Plan.

Music Marketing in Argentina, music marketing in Mexico, music marketing in Chile or Spain does not differ in anything. We live in a global world and thanks to technology, consumer habits in this regard are very similar.

We get into “work” with the different phases of your musical marketing plan:
Phase 1 | Environment

Do you know your future fan?

One of the big mistakes that I appreciate in the musical projects that I get is that they have been done leaving all the weight factor luck and luck, although part of the play, will be minimized the better the quality of the product.

First of all, you mount what you mount, you must study perfectly as it is the public that you address. I pass some relevant data based on this that I tell you, will change the concept after reading:

  • The current music consumer watches the mobile more than 150 times a day on average.
  • Youtube is the preferred platform to know more about that artist that you may have discovered on the radio.
  • The CD has been added value according to which artists so if your target audience is young, do not even think to sell your product in this format. You’ll be throwing away the money.
  • The consumer today is the one who rules so always put it in the center of your strategy.
  • If you want me to buy you a product, you will have to earn your trust always through emotions.
  • The new fan of music likes to talk in social networks, and you?
  • Your potential fan is more unfaithful today than ever. The fidelity time limits are shortened by the saturation to which they are subjected. Depending on your ability to reinvent yourself, you will last more or less time in the industry.
  • Mouth-to-ear is the best way to win a fan. If a friend recommends another your music, be sure it will give you a chance.
  • The new consumer wants to live experiences and to contribute value. Not only songs are seduced.
  • Now the music consumer wants to get involved in your project. Don’t leave him aside.
  • Do not pretend to live alone from the income coming from concerts. There are different ways of income waiting for your development.

Do you know who your competitors are?

In a musical marketing strategy it is inconceivable to not know your competitor. Sounds bad in the music environment talk about “competitors” but there are.

Not all of them fit in the consumer’s mind and in that selection you must be. It is important in this sense that you devote the time needed to study the following factors within this section:

A | Which artists are similar in style and identity to your proposal.

B | Of those artists that you have pre-selected, stay with the 3 most relevant and look what they are doing to connect with the public in all aspects (social media, promotion, direct, activations with brands…)

C | Write down everything that makes your competition that you do not see with total degree.

D | Apply the concepts you consider attractive and valid but do not lose the north of differentiation.

Phase 2 | Creating the Product

In this case we talk about the musical composition of the style that is, the concept of group or artist, the values that we are going to transmit…. This, under my experience, is the most important pillar because it will not be useful to perfectly apply the following phases of your music marketing plan if you do not have a brilliant product to defend. So goal number 1: Creating an optimal Song

Do not stop until you find an excellent subject. The haste are not good companies in this adventure and you must have the project parked until that “Súpercanción” is not born, it is not easy, I know, but exigent yourself is the best way to get better results.

I am not the most appropriate to talk about composition because I have not composed a topic in my life but in my blog there are some interviews about music composition that can contribute.

What I would like to make clear from the knowledge of creativity I have, are some tips I want you to know to avoid future “mental collapses”; You know what I’m talking about? …. and thus give free way to the imagination:

  • To be creative, you must absorb by the 5 senses. With this I want to say that if you live 24 hours a day enclosed in your study of the garage of your house, the little mind will contribute.

Before embarking on the creative phase, I recommend you read, do sport, travel, discover new styles of music, share with others… In short, get out of your comfort zone and break with all monotony. The psychological aspect of an artist is vital.

  • To create a subject with guarantees you must apply one of the great drivers of any successful product, the differentiation. To make a topic different or stop being more of the same, you should risk without losing your line and style, but exploring new Territories that allows you to create a competitive product in the market.
  • If you compose, do it from the passion. Get the best out of your creative side with a theme that you transmit to connect with the consumer.
  • If you look stuck and can’t find the way, look for alliances that can bring you fresh air. Sometimes composing with a “colleague” is tremendously enriching and 2 minds contribute more than one.
  • Think about the habits and movements of your fans so that what you think carries the same codes. Social networks are excellent tools for musicians.

Again, do not take a step forward until you have a subject with guarantees. The opinion of your close beings is not objective, test it on social networks and ask for opinion. I recommend you use type-form to make attractive surveys to your fans.

We have the song, and now what…

Then the next thing is to get into the studio to shape it.

It is very important the figure of the producer. He will be in charge of “putting it pretty” so with or without budget, you must give with someone who is able to create a sound.

There are many mediocre producers who only make copy what has already been created. The optimal in this sense is that the producer bets and integrates into your project.

Phase 3 | Low-budget promotion

We already have the product and our video on Youtube. A large company would immediately attack the mainstream media to promote the issue itself.

If you are independent, you must go through a new stage and then get to knock on the doors of mainstream media. The stage that will provide you with visibility.

I want you to know 24 useful tools for independent artists and project with options to the world.

Who are you on the net?

The first thing to do is to draw a strategy to increase your social influence, ie to get a considerable number of followers on social networks that you have activated.

I recommend the use of a platform to win followers of accounts similar to yours in an automated way. It’s called Twittmate and can bring you more than 1,000 new and qualified followers on Twitter a month.

The use of Twittmate will be advisable in a first phase.

There are 4 social networks that are essential for an artist: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube (it is not a network exactly but we integrate it here). Then there is Instagram that well managed can give many fruits.

Phase 4 | Design of a landing page/dossier

We have the brilliant product, our influence on networks is multiplying by creating viral experiences and uploading value content….

The time has come to collect the “premium” of the road and translate it into a landing page. Basically one landing page is a landing page that is used to sell a particular product with a unique offer but I really like that format and I consider it attractive to be able to offer companies, media etc… so we forget to saturate accounts of Emails with Megas of PowerPoint and with this model, we integrate the content that we want so that you only have to send a URL by email without any weight.

There are many ways to create landing pages. If you are lost in this aspect I recommend that you go to a freelance to control WordPress or search among your friends that you sure have someone.

There are many platforms to create so I recommend you use the best you come.

Phase 5 | The mass media

And we got to the last phase of the essential pillars of a good music marketing plan, the media.

Realize the long but exciting path you’ve had to travel to get here. It is clear that being independent you must forge a project with solid structure, hence the special emphasis that I make to the social influence because it is a very important fact when a medium will attend or support you.

In this phase, we will send the landing page to the main mass media to contribute to the project. It is also the phase to send our proposal to managers, record companies and publishers in case you did not have.

For an artist, as the market is conceived there are few mass media to get support:

– The musical chains

– Tv (although there is very little gap)

– Written Press

It is important to succeed in this last point, that you have done the work well in the previous ones.

Without a great song and an optimal social influence, it will be difficult for you to open bigger doors.

Another channel to consider is the independent festivals where if you are good and your style block, you can open an interesting window to promote you. To this end, it presents a dossier in the form of landing page that is consistent.

Now you have no excuse to remove the handbrake to your project.

Has he ordered the schematic in your mind? Let’s go!!