Music Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind

In this post I will show you the trends of music marketing that proliferate for the next few months.

In one part of the world we enjoy the summer and that means holidays, reflections, good weather, meetings and especially the time to define where we want to go in the coming months.

The habits in the music industry move and it is possible that things that gave results months ago, have already expired. Incredible but true. In turn, new ways and tendencies of music marketing are born based on the behavior of the musical consumer and that’s where you belong.

I ask you, wherever you are, do a reflection exercise and look back to see what plots you need to improve to keep growing. Once you get to this point, you have to take into account these music marketing trends because that’s where you’ll find your way.

Let’s go for it!

Don’t settle for a good song, look for “the memorable”.

A group or artist in the launching phase, will not have enough punch if the song shuttle, ie, the theme that will serve to launch the project, is not powerful enough. Eye, because with this I do not mean that should be the best song but the most commercial or that has more ability to seduce the public to the first of change.

You will have little chance before a highly demanding consumer and you will have to attack with a direct song that penetrates the brain without having to go to new listeners.

If the song is memorable in this sense, you will have a tour of social networks, on Youtube so that your community grows more quickly and is shared by those first adopters who discover it. This is how new artists are born.

If you lose, I recommend you see my Music Marketing Guide 2016 and so have a clear concept of the steps to follow to launch a new musical product.

Speaking of the shuttle song, if it’s not strong enough, it won’t make doors open and the musical project will die at the first change.

In this sense it is better to wait to have the memorable song to cut to the events.

Song to song instead of 12 on a CD

I’m surprised even to see new artists who think in the CD format. For me the CD is a product more merchandising, only attractive for those nostalgic for music but not for the new generations.

The great majors still draw CDs because they deal with consecrated artists who can still guarantee a number of sales that contribute benefits but this fact each will be decreasing.

The most coherent thing is to think of three great songs and produce them to have a few months of guaranteed work. At that time you should not stop composing because at any time a super song can be born. With three well-produced songs will be enough to make community and introduce you to the media with guarantees.

A single will last what the public wants so to think even in the CD format with 12 songs is to throw a lot of effort into the “gutter” without common sense.

Production with differential values

The producer takes special relevance in the Times that run. Don’t settle for a proper producer, there are thousands. Find a professional who has the ability to transform the song by providing an original sound that comes to strengthen the hallmark and personality of the project.

Surely you will think that this I expose is not as easy as it seems and I give you the right thing but there is the key to play in one league or another, in your ability to convince or find people who can get involved in your project with fresh ideas and VA Lor.

There are young people in the production sector who come with strength and are not yet listed to dismiss your proposal. It will all depend on the level of your project and your ability to convince you to be a part of it.

Use the rrss only if you have the ability to add value

I recently read an article on Cd Baby with a striking headline; “Why social networks have died for musical marketing.” Staring only in the title could be in total disagreement but once read the post I have to say that they are partly right; In order to benefit from social networks it is more and more essential to go through the box. Still there are ways to take a slice if what you offer is of great value and your fans exercise in promotional vehicles.

The problem lies in the scarcity of quality content and the increasing tendency to auto bomb, which ends up tiring the fan causing a massive abandonment of the page.

Social networks should be the support to capture those first adopters who by one way or another have managed to know your musical proposal and would like to know more about you. Now, it makes no sense if it all ends there so the next step will be to try to apply the well-known inbound Marketing technique to turn these social followers into subscribers.

The best way to do it is to offer a good lead magnet in exchange for your name and email and from there, start working with subscribers in a more direct so that once loyal, be able to sell products through email marketing , much more effective than all social networks together.

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